Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sleep easier and greener...

Green living tips from Better World Betty
Sleep smarter

Given that we spend approximately one-third of our lifetimes sleeping, it’s important to consider exactly what you’re sleeping on. This month Betty helps you green your sleeping quarters, knowing you will rest a lot better after taking care of the planetary as well as the personal needs.

Historically, mattresses have been a major offense to the eco-world, with added toxins like formaldehyde, various flame-retardant chemicals, and petroleum-based polyurethane foam contained in most conventional mattresses. A mattress is an important purchase in the big scheme of things (even eco-varieties contain various natural products from all over), so it’s important to make a choice that helps you sleep at night!

Locally owned Artful Lodger sells various green lines of mattresses as well as an all-organic mattresses. Natura brand’s “Tranquil,” made in North Carolina from latex rubber trees, bamboo, cotton, and bio-soy foam (prices start at $1,300), is popular.

A local company, The Savvy Sleeper, sells its own line of Savvy Rest natural mattresses using natural latex and organic wool. No off-gassing chemicals, no pesticide residues, and no flame retardants, thank you. If the cost is holding you back, inquire about green lines from the big names.

As for pillows, organic cotton, wool or latex varieties work well. Sheets are now widely available in organic cotton or bamboo—but keep in mind most bamboo products will be coming from China, which increases the embedded energy of the product.
Last, but not least, grace your nightstand with a copy of Conscious Style Home by Danny Seo.

Voila: a brighter, green bedroom!
Better World Betty