Monday, November 10, 2008

The Better World Beagle Strikes Again!

Cross your fingers for me that the "bittering agent" in the bottle of "Earth Pet Training Aid" will stop our beagle puppy, Mugsy, from single-handedly chewing all of our rugs!

Perhaps she is just teaching us the Buddhist tenet of impermanence in all things (and who couldn't use a lesson in that), but I honestly don't think we can abide with having another rug ruined beyond repair!

These are not antique rugs or anything, but they do valiantly protect our hardwood floors from scratches induced by chair legs and lovingly warm our bare feet.

The remaining two rugs seemed to beckon me this morning to take action, as they lay waiting for their own unraveling.

So with hope and a healthy amount of skepticism, I purchased the aforementioned earth-friendly "training aid" from Paige at the Eco-Shop on Preston.

With any luck Mugsy will be entirely repulsed and fall into a deep sleep dreaming of Better World Bassetts or something, so I can get some work done around here!


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