Monday, February 9, 2009

Betty's FB Debut

You have been asking for months, "Betty, why aren't you on Facebook?!"

Well, I am happy to announce as of today, Betty is on FB. Betty has taken the plunge into the collective sea of online social networking feet first, with apron attached. She doesn't know how much time away from the Earth kitchen she can spend on this time-intensive pastime (you know there is a lot of work to do, greenies), but here's to the endeavor.

Bring on the fans, bring on the friends, bring on the change and click to greener consciousness, I say!

We'll post upcoming Betty events, tv/radio/online appearances, photos, etc. on the FB page, and any additional Betty scoop. For now, think of it as more "Behind the Scenes" Betty as we contemplate ways FB can help us reach our mission: helping people go green on a day-to-day basis here in the Charlottesville area!

Hopefully the FB presence will 1) bring more awareness to Betty and the tools she offers for you at her website, tools to connect you to concrete ways of "acting local" 2) allow those interested in learning more about what Betty's cooking up in her Earth kitchen, a chance to do so (example: our mission statement you'll find in the Notes, which is too lengthy for our monthly newsletter) 3) keep Betty fresh, interesting, inspiring, and fun as you travel on your green path.

So check out Betty on Facebook


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