Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's going on backstage, Betty?


So I would like to say I'm purposefully reducing my virtual carbon footprint created by excessive blogging which is why I haven't blogged in many, many days!

The truth is, the closer it gets to Earth Day, the more booked and busier I get! I am knee deep in grant-writing, web updating, sponsorship-seeking, kid raising, dinner-making. Where does blogging fit in anyway?

Before I make any more excuses, here is a pastiche of goings on...

I would love to share the advice I got from Bryant at Creative Conservation last week when he stopped by to check out if I could save some money and home energy use by having more insulation in the attic, which if you remember energy is our focus this year (short answer: we are doing well by keeping the thermostat at a consistent 61 degrees, and it would definitely help to add 2-4 more inches of cellulose insulation to the attic and above our master bedroom. But the existing fiberglass batting insulation does a decent job - there are much better options out there now - but changing probably wouldn't be the best use of funds).

I would love to share my thoughts on the recent recycling broohah hah (how do you spell that) - the lawsuit involving VanderLinde and RSWA, but I'm hoping that David McNair at the Hook will include my comments that yearn for a community collaboration among all interested stakeholders to make recycling in this town a total win-win for people and the planet.

I would love to include my big dreams for Betty's future which I am writing into proposals as we speak.

I would love to include my solo and much needed one day getaway to the consignment shops and used book stores of Carytown in Richmond - tonight's beet salad comes from my used recipe book find: The Balanced Plate by Renee Loux. Now do I dare wear the circa 1970 knit tank top I believe Cher once wore?!

I would love to include the green cleaning tips from Friday's Bruce and Betty show. Wait, I promised you that one. So here are a couple:

Make a past of baking soda, vinegar, salt and water for a great sink, counter, toilet, tub cleaner

Mix 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda at the location of the drain (it will fizz up). Let sit for 15 minutes and flush with hot water.

1/4 cup white vinegar
1/2 tsp castile soap or mild detergent (phosphate free/chlorine free)
2 cups water
6 drops of lemon juice or essential oil like lavendar (optional)

I would love to share the design prints for the upcoming, limited edition organic cotton t-shirts to celebrate Betty's one year anniversary. But it's not ready yet. Be on the lookout y'all. Last year's picnic goers advice on the slogan is being heeded! :-)

And that's just four days worth of stuff!

Back to the messy kitchen...

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