Monday, July 20, 2009

On your marks, get set, the County Fair!

I can't believe the Albemarle County Fair is just over a week away! Lots of exciting NEW green initiatives have been implemented. Not the least of which is NO STYROFOAM and Adrienne Young's Backyard Revolution and Better World Betty's Booth at the Eco-Exhibit Tent. So much Bettier, everyone!

2009 Albemarle County Fair Eco-Initiatives:
Eco-Exhibit Tent
Eco-friendly Landscaping Exhibits
Recycled Materials being used throughout
Elimination of Styrofoam
Waste Recycling and Recovery

I also want to encourage you to enter the Home Arts Section 4: the Recycling contest!! (I hope my boys are still planning on entering this). Contact Sarah Nissen 434-977-3989 or check the website, but here are the details I have. The special rules are:

1-All items must be made with recycled materials.
2-Entries must have been prepared by the exhibitor
3-Entries must reflect original work by the exhibitor
4-Materials used must be identified
5-The entry should be self-explanatory
6-The department reserves the right to add or delete classes if the need arises

1. Sculpture 2. Jewelry 3. Imprinting on Tin 4. Wine Corks 5. Wood 6. Paper 7. Metal 8. Stone 9. Plastic 10. Every Duct Tape 11. Miscellaneous

Free "Backyard Revolution" and singer/songwriter and creator of Backyard Revolution witll perform at the 2009 Albemarle County Fair. Young is an ardent supporter of sustainable agriculture, the preservation of our historical character, and the honorable aims of our ancestors. These beliefs are evident in her music. Adrienne has has integrated a national responsible-farming awarenesss campaign and fund-raising effort into the release of her third album "Room to Grow." Also don't miss Better World Betty and other environmental non-profits as well as local green businesses in the Albemarle Fair's Eco-tent this year sharing our vision for a sustainable future, helpful green living hints, and more! Remember to carpool and bring your own reusable water bottles.

Operating Hours: Tuesday, July 28th 4-11pm
Wednesday, July 28 4-11pm
Thursday, July 30 4-11pm
Friday, July 31 4-11pm
Saturday, August 1 10am-11pm
Sunday, August 2 1-6pm
Admission Prices: Adults $7, Seniors (60+)$6, Children (6-12) $3, Children (under 6)


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Daniel said...

Glad to hear of these activities at the fair!

The Thomas Jefferson Planning District will also have a booth at the fair to inform people and collect comments about the future of rural transportation projects in this region.