Thursday, November 19, 2009

Take the Bruce and Betty local Thanksgiving Challenge

Every year 28 billion pounds of edible food goes to waste. Unbelieve, right? So this year, let's plan ahead, make less, and lower our collective impact by going local. Which means adding one or two dishes or localizing your entire T-day meal!! Then email your story to in 200 words or less and Brad of 1061 the Corner and Bruce of RSWA and Teri of Betty will pick the best one to air on the December 4th show (9am). We'll give you a free CD and reusable bag as well as 10seconds of Cville fame!!

1- Plan. Find out the per person amount of food to prepare. 1 lb of meat and 1/8 of a pumpkin pie beats guessing and overcooking!

2- TWEAK the main meal. Can you splurge on an organic turkey? Actually now there are all sorts of sophisticated designation according to what the turkey was fed and how it was treated (cage-free). Or like my friend Susan, serve FISH (check the Seafood Watch guide first, of course - they do all the pertinent research on which fish is friendly to take out of its home/water). You know, the pilgrims and natives likely served fish is what I read in a kids' picture book once!

3- Green clean your home. Put away the clorox and bleach and bring out the baking soda, water and lemon.

4- Use natural decorations. Holy berries, beeswax candles, rosemary twigs bring the outdoors in...

5- Leftovers. COMPOST them (without the meat and dairy, though) or DONATE to a local food bank or REPURPOSE items by making turkey tetrazzini or soup, etc.

Check out these helpful links: planet green 100-mile diet and these great links:

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