Sunday, December 20, 2009

What to do when you're snowed in? Make a plan for ENERGY EFFICIENCY

Researching my next article for Cville Weekly's Abode I came across a FABULOUS and TOTALLY user-friendly 36 page booklet

from DOE's , Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Department. OK so maybe you are in front of the fireplace, snuggled up reading the latest copy of DWELL magazine or the latest Barbara Kingsolver. Betty's telling you this is worth a glance, if not a good read. As I tuned into the coverage from Copenhagen, I was reminded of just how urgent climate change is. It's overwhelming, but it begins with the one step you are doing right now.

So how's this: read the booklet and right down 1 thing you can do RIGHT NOW to save energy. Then right down three things you can do in the NEXT MONTH. Then formulate a plan for the year 2010 and post it on your big home energy loser appliance (your fridge) - it'll make him feel better (he knows man's gotta eat) and you too for TAKING AN ACTION.

I'm pleasantly surprised by just how quick, informative and easy-to-implement some of the tips are.

The chart telling you what home plug ins use the most energy is worth a peruse. And news to me: if your kitchen faucet lever is turned toward hot, it's costing you money!! Turn it to COOL.


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