Monday, January 18, 2010

Important Community Clean Energy Meeting!

As I mentioned on the Bruce and Betty show on Friday - 60% of our energy here in Virginia is generated by dirty coal burning power plants. Our political leaders are feeling the HEAT from big coal and oil companies and therefore need OUR help!

Do you care about clean air? Do you care about becoming energy independent? Do you care about our planet?

You can do something tomorrow night... Attend this important COMMUNITY MEETING at CCDC's City Space on the Downtown Mall from 7-8pm (TUESDAY, JAN 19th)

According to the Sierra Club's field organizer, Ryan Doyle, whom I met on Thurs evening at Betty's two-year anniversary, America is still sending 1.2 BILLION dollars overseas for foreign oil, not to mention the impact on our environment and the threat on our climate.

We DO have solutions and Ryan along with Sierra Club members are excited to share and make a difference by passing KEY legislation which would bring Virginia CLEAN ENERGY JOBS - bringing economic prosperity, protect national security, and cut pollution at the same time.

Take action, attend tomorrow night. Steps to a better world, y'all!

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