Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A friend of Betty has something to say!

It's late. I'm checking email and I'm really not "reading" any of them in my current state. But I see one entitled "Climate Change Legislation" and which perks my Betty radar. I need to read this one, I think, and I'm delighted that it's 1) brief (hey, I'm being totally honest here) and 2) it's impassioned and true and 3) it's from one of my favorite local community activists - Glenn Short.

I served on the Unitarian Universalists Green Committee one year with Glenn and he is just an amazing force. Silver-haired, a proud and slightly hunched 5'8" (and last year had a fall that forced him to walk with a cane, much to his dislike), he always greats me with a big smile, a big hug, and a passion for change that is so strong in him, you can see it in his quick step. I believe he's well over 70 --I don't know his exact age-- but he certainly doesn't act it, which is delightful. The first green meeting I attended I remember his little black book that was so ink-splotched with dates and times and numbers for community meetings, public hearings, state legislator phone numbers, that it looked as though a pen exploded on it!

By way of that explanation, I MUST share with you his impassioned plea...

"Climate scientists report the uppermost safe limit for CO2 in earth's atmosphere is 350 parts per million, while today we're at 392 parts. Melting glaciers worldwide, Greenland's & Artic ice meltdowns prove we're in the danger zone now. Yet fossil fuel energy producers call for-- Drill Baby Drill! The only way to stop this status-quo, castastrophe-bound trend is to put a legal carbon limit on all greenhose-gas-emitting industries and vehicles. Even billionaires living on this finite-resource planet breathe the same air, drink the same water as the rest of us. Please, for the sake of future generations, tell Senators Warner (202) 224-2023 & Webb (202) 224-4024 we need a Climate Change law NOW, while there's still time."

Glenn Short

Please support Glenn and steps toward turning the tide of Climate Change by being active and involved in legislation aimed at solutions! Betty thanks you for your passion for change.


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