Monday, November 8, 2010

BRAG Campaign kicks off with a splash (of coffee in a reusable mug, of course!)

Friday morning the BRAG team was out and about catching acts of greenness throughout Charlottesville. We had a blast!

*We started off in from of the Darden School of Business at their bike rack (we counted 8 bikes) but we must of missed the bike owners, unfortunately (I was there at 7:55am!) But we'll be back and at other local bike racks this month.

*We caught Charlotte getting off the UVA bus transport - way to use PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!

*We caught Gary in his slick suit and tie and REUSABLE MUG ready for big important meetings. We tried to talk him into changing into the high fashion Betty T, but he passed.

*We caught Marianne with her REUSABLE MUG at local java spot, Greenberries.

*We caught a sweet older gentleman, Sam, who thought we were UVA students with his REUSABLE MUG. His buddy ratted him out, saying that was "the only thing Sam does do for the Earth!" That's O.K. We trust in the Betty-Earth karma he helped generate!

*We caught a Western Albemarle High School student heading into school with her ZERO-WASTE LUNCH BOX - (stainless steel snappy containers)!

*And Betty Lou (aka my mom) got caught with this email announcing we are going forward with a 100-mile Thanksgiving Meal with her purchase of a local turkey! From North Carolina:

Went in to a new store today called “The Meat House” which has been open for a little over a year. Almost everything fresh in the store is grown locally.

A friend suggested ordering the turkey from them which I’ve done. The turkey is from North Carolina and dressing which is made locally as well. I think we can pull off this 100 mile Thanksgiving. Can’t believe I haven’t been to this store before.

You’ve got to see this store. I will be a regular customer, for sure. Mom

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