Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It's hard to believe another Earth Day has come and gone! Here are some of the Highlights from the Betty booth...

32 young people "planted" their seed of intention in edible dirt (above picture - I'm handing the dirt to a surprised little guy!): they wrote one thing they would do for the Earth in the next month. My favorite: check out more books from the library. Some others were:

I will finally make a habit of using my reusable water bottle.
I will start composting.
I will use only one paper towel in public restrooms if they don't have an air dryer.
I will volunteer for Wild Virginia.
I will take myself off junk mail lists.
I will bring my own mug everywhere.
I will recycle my ink toner at work.

Thanks, everyone.

Also... 1061 the Corner played Betty's three Earth Songs. Staple It Together by Jack Johnson, Nothing But Flowers by the Talking Heads, Society by Eddie Vedder from Into the Wild Soundtrack (I love eddie vedder and the tribute to Chris McCandless).

Other cool news: We raffled off 3 Betty t-shirts. We received more than 20 new subscribers to the newsletter. And 7 business owners are already interested in joining our Better Business Challenge launching SOON!

All in all it was a beautiful day of interacting with Betty-loving, Earth-loving doers who want a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable Charlottesville for generations upon generations.

Thank you to my Western Albemarle Student Volunteers: Anna, Hannah, and Leah who helped make edible dirt for the kids and who made beautiful earrings and necklaces made of recycled wrapping paper.

Best, BWB

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