Friday, December 21, 2007

On the 8th day of Christmas... Rt 29N

Hey there, you 29N e-conscious shoppers...

If you can make it safely past the corporate, consumer magnet that is Target, look to your left, and you will see a beacon of light: newly-opened Nature's Child (who just celebrated their 2 month anniversary). Though I'd like to see more products made closer to home (i.e. lower embedded energy), they've got a nice selection of wooden toys and organic clothing. They have a line of toys from Vermont called "My Train" which are very cute and multifunctional, as well as a "Balance Bike" - I'll let Kristin, the owner, explain that one. They also offer a discount for bringing in a reusable bag for your purchases.

If you're up that way, you may also want to hit the latest and greatest natural grocery store: All Goods Groceries. Grab a cup of locally roasted, fair trade, organic coffee and roam the aisles for eco-friendly cleaning products and organic yummies. Josh and Kathleen, the owners, are phenomenal at customer service.

If you like to go green buy buying your basics in bulk at Sam's club(less packaging = less dead tree), I've heard they have an ever-growing selection of eco-friendly products. I went there in October to take advantage of their huge deal on CFL lightbulbs (13 for 16 dollars!.

Happy Seminole Trails,

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