Friday, September 5, 2008

It's go time: less than 50 days...

The election is less than 50 days away and it promises to be the most important one certainly of my time and perhaps yours as well.

Better World Betty, grateful for the support of the Virginia Organizing Project, is a 501 3(c) and therefore must remain non-partisan, so I can only say this: If you consider the environment an important piece of your decision process, please take an active role between now and November 4th in this historic election by doing the following:

*Register to vote (
*Participate in canvassing events, phone banks, or "get out the vote" activities for the candidate you feel places climate change solutions and the protection of our environment among the top issues facing America
*Walk your neighborhoods
*Make your voice heard to your friends, family, neighbors, and government representatives about your desire to see green incentives, green jobs, renewable energy (which means NO to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!), increasing the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy), preserving our natural resources, staying out of our national parks, forests, and sacred places (like places I formerly called home: Utah's wilderness) honored in meaningful legislation.

In today's world it's not an option to be a political bystander. The time is now to be informed and participate in local, state, and government politics.

It's hip to be heard!

So if you feel a slight absence in the local kitchen of green-consciousness (i.e. fewer Betty blogs until November 4th, for example), realize it's not for lack of caring. Better world action is just taking place in a different and equally important arena until Election Day.

Peace on Earth,

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