Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Night Surfing...

This week I came across the following cool sites:

An eight page guide on how to recycle anything (of course consult this AFTER you check Betty's recycle search tool which will give you the best LOCAL options. Example, please give your backpacks to Boys and Girls's Club):,21770,1835098,00.html

Check this cool local resource from Montfair Resort:

Do you know anyone who is planning a wedding anytime in the next year?

Check out these sites to green your wedding:

Buy a Recycled Dress:
The Green Bride Guide:

Also remember that we have lots of great local bands to perform your music and an amazing flower farmer, Megan Weary (Roundabout Farm). I recently got a sneak peek at the flowers she did for a Cville wedding (I do my CSA work share there), and they were amazing!

I also know a local artist/silversmith named Annie from Sante Fe who just moved here and likes to do wedding bands for people (just email for her contact info).

Happy surfing,

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