Friday, May 15, 2009

Discovery Museum - helping kids go green!

My son had a playdate with one of his buds this week at the Discovery Museum, where we were enjoying all the great new additions and contemplating whether his energetic all-over-the-place energy could sustain focus for the Discovery Dash next weekend, when we spied a cool new green display, pictured above. With some cool tips for kids to go green. Besides encouraging recycling and water conservation and making a fun reusable tote bag, the poster also touts the importance of packing a zero-waste lunch. It's possible to forego the one-use, disposable items like drink pouches and single-use yogurt containers for the bigger bulk containers, which you can put into small glass, reusable containers. I like to use old sandwich loaf bags for storage as well as the biodegradable wax bags found out Whole Foods, Rebbeca's and Integral Yoga. Don't forget your cloth napkin. Now the only waste you have to worry about is the crusts your picky eaters still manage to leave behind. Take heart, bread crusts make great compost too!

Back to the Discovery Museum, for those of you who want to further encourage eco-friendly behavior in your kiddos, they are having a one-day going green camp on Memorial Day. I neglected to write down the details - but will post the event on Betty's calendar in the next few days. Or just call them directly at 434-977-1025 to get the details and/or sign up or go to their website:

Have a great weekend,

p.s. As long as we're talking kid stuff, I hope to see you at the Quetzal Kite Festival in Palmyra on Saturday. Nature's spring breeze plus creative colorful kites, make for a beautiful outdoor activity.

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