Sunday, May 17, 2009

The side of Bruce Edmonds they don't write about in the papers...

After Friday's Bruce and Betty show, we had a serious meeting in the 1061 the Corner parking lot regarding my next piece in the June Abode: Recycling Conundrums. As you can see.

One such recycling question mark was this piece of purple plastic packaging some flowers I received recently arrived in. You know that stuff that's not tissue paper and it's not plastic.

Bruce informed me that he not only knows all about recycling and household hazardous waste, but also FASHION. This purple landfill-bound sheet makes for the perfect Jackie-O fashion statement he volunteered. (Sorry, it's not recyclable)

Try it on, I say. Stunning. I wish I had some bubble wrap. That would have made a stylish accent poncho.

Don't quit your day job, Bruce!
Thank you for recycling at McIntire everyone.
Better World Betty

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