Friday, August 14, 2009

Betty's Top Ten Back-to-School Tips!

Save money, trees, resources by using what you already have...

1- Use last year's backpack. (If you buy a heavier duty one like our favorite Land's End you will pay a bit more up front, but it will last - my 8 yr old is on his third year with the same backpack)

2-Raid your junk drawer, home office, old backpacks, etc. for pencils, pens, scissors, and markers. You may very well have many supplies already in the home.

3-Bring a reusable water bottle to school instead of disposable plastic water bottles.

4-Use last year's lunch box (not a paper sack), pack using reusable containers and a cloth napkin (voila: a zero-waste lunch)

When you purchase...

5-Buy recycled paper and pencils: just google recycled money pencils or recycled pencils and you'll find a bunch of great links. (Crayons: soy-based are your non-petroleum based option.)

6-Opt for canvas or cardboard binders, instead of the plastic ones. (Check Staples eco line, Whole Foods, Blue Ridge Eco-shop)

7-Look for TREE-FREE notebooks - i.e. made of recycled paper or sugar cane (that funny word Bruce said on the radio show)

8-Encourage others to reuse school supplies, pencils made of old/unusable money or leftover sugar cane waste are so cool your friends will want one!!

9-Make sure your classroom and school is recycling (All county schools have an extensive recycling program beginning last year)

10-If you see excess, be an advocate by asking questions, and sharing your concern and desire to see a "less is more" attitude

10+: bike, bus, or school pool ( - check their school pool list!)

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