Sunday, August 30, 2009

Slow Sunday

It's that time of year when I feel like everyone is back in the ville and turned the frazzle meter to mock 10. No more vacations, staycations, breaks. Sign ups, disclosure statement signatures, deadlines, bills, car inspections, are all due the same day and I've somehow managed to miss the majority of them! Case in point, the "new set of markers" on the 3rd grade back to school list. "Mom, I had to borrow Joseph's marker because you're Betty and won't buy me anything with plastic!" Grrrr. What next? My mom will be calling to figure out the Thanksgiving menu?! Calgon...I mean all-natural dr. bonner's all-purpose soap... take me away, right?

If you feel like this, I recommend embracing a SLOOOOWWW Sunday. A car-free Sunday. An Earth-filled, breezy, lazy, Sunday! Ignore all the shoulds and have-tos and stressers and recharge.


Embrace the 3 P's: pause, patience, and play!

The kids and I took a picnic lunch and the Better World Beagle and went to the creek for a picnic. But this wasn't a normal nature walk. We were on a hunt. A hunt for cool nature objects to collect for our fairy house. Actually since I have two boys, we called it a Nature Landscape. We were inspired by the a man/woman artist team we met in Salt Lake City who build ginormous tree houses, including fairy furniture, out of everything they find in Nature. You can imagine me in front of their farmer's market booth, wide-eyed and ready to abandon my family right then and there and apprentice with these two magical folks.

Ours was a valiant effort for our first try, as pictured above, don'thca think? The more important part was the process of connecting to Mother Nature miraculously at play - the caterpillar we spied in our search eating a maple leaf and the surprise and excitement at Mugsy finding a snake.

Going slow, just being invites the love, the grace, and the gratitude back in to what often feels like rushing, chaotic, stressful lives.


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