Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Going Green Diary: entry #3 Happy and Hairless

I don't want this diary to be a venue for product endorsement, but I have to share some great news. Though some out there may say they are "going totally green" in their lifestyle. I refrain from making that claim. It's a challenge in some areas. I am doing what I tell my kids to do all the time: do your best!

In the madness that was Whole Foods three days before Thanksgiving, I was actually able to focus for a few minutes (this was before my son started his relentless whining to go home) to find a new product: the Preserve Razor.

For those Bettys who want to continue to shave (as opposed to taking the big step of going au naturale (sp?) - hey some of us grow some serious black hair), this razor is made from 100% recycled plastics, with at least 65% recycled Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups. The paper insert is 100% recycled, printed with soy inks, and the case is made from renewable wood sources. The company, Recycline, was born out of a desire to help promote the use of recycled products. You can also recycle the razors and razor cartridges through their postage-paid mail-back program. They also have a line of toothbrushes.

In my mind it's a win-win. This promotes recycling and reduces the perpetuation of products made from virgin materials. Check out their website: recycline.com for more info.


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