Monday, November 26, 2007

Green Diary #4: it starts with the kids...

My 1st grader came home from school the other day and said, "Guess what, Mom? My school is not that friendly to the Earth. You know why? (If you've guessed he's my rule-bound eldest, you're right!)" "Why?" I reply. "They use plastic forks instead of real ones at school lunch." " Really?"

It sounds like my son's school and perhaps your child's school in Albemarle County and the City could use some consciousness-raising in the green sphere as well.

But I was surprised to find out, in my research for Betty, just how much Albemarle County schools are already doing to lessen their impact. I've had the privilege of meeting with two empassioned women, Lindsay Check, environmental compliance manager for Albemarle County Schools, and Sarah Temple, environmental compliance manager at the County, who are working on a wide range of green goals. Everything from lowering thermostat temperatures to installing compact fluorescent bulbs to integrated pest management to co-mingled recycling to running the buses on biodiesel! Some of which have already been implemented.
It's exciting!

Of course, given my son's observation, there is still much work to do.

I am happy to report that this very evening the first
Stone Robinson green group of parents met at my home. For an hour we brainstormed all kinds of exciting ideas. We talked about getting recycling bins in every classroom and workroom, drafting a no-idling policy for the drop-off/pick up car loop, school beautification, and raising awareness among the kids about water conservation (you ever seen a 7 year old wash their hands? I sound like a broken record trying to train my kids not to leave the water running while they fumble with the soap dispenser or put their toy in their pocket!). The easy part, of course, is coming up with the important ideas and actions, now comes the hard part: putting them into action.

I am hopeful we can do it. W
e made the first step of many tonight and that feels good.


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