Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's a brighter, Bettier planet!

Ok, the average American needs another credit card as much as a rolling pin over the head, Betty knows. But if you want to ditch the old, corporate Visas for something more planet-friendly I have good news for you.

Brighter Planet - a greener credit card!

I met these guys, Andy and Jon, at the Green Festival in DC last fall and they are great. They are based out of Middlebury, Vermont. With every purchase you earn carbon offsets - and they have all sorts of renewable energy projects going on all across the U.S.

According to their newsletter, "Brighter Planet members have offset 6,071,380 lbs. of CO2. That's like taking 183,145 cars off the road for a day."

"You can join us in the effort to create a sustainable future for the planet and its people today—use the Brighter PlanetTM Visa® credit card and help fight climate change with every purchase. You can call 1-800-511-1472 and mention priority code FACBKE to get more details or go to their newly-launched website. Check it out at

If you sign up say hello from Betty for me.

Please remember, whether you choose this bank card/credit card or any other, or cash or check, use Betty's buy-conscious wisdom: being mindful of every purchase by considering what the inherent impact on the planet.

Best of luck Brighter Planet Boys,

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Lucy said...

I'm going to send this to my sister. She is very earth conscious, but for some reason still doesn't have a credit card. I keep telling her if she ever wants to buy a house or car, she will need some kind of credit history. Maybe this will help her get one to use on occasion. Thanks.