Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Say Hello to the Better World Beagle: Mugsy

As many of you know, we lost our Murphy dog at the end of January. She lived a long and happy 14 years with us. Her loss left us missing the wagging tail, beautifully abundant licks and kisses, and the pure therapy of petting and caring for a dog. So Sunday, Mugsy (pronounced Mugzy) joined our family (my boys cannot get enough of her!) and thus the Betty Team. (In case you are curious, I found them through a member of the Green Yahoo Group of Charlottesville whose mother-in-law breeds Beagles on a farm in Louisa) As you can see she is adorable.

So Monday morning we headed past the big pet store chains straight to locally owned and operated Pet Food Discounters (Woodbrook Drive, behind Lowe's and Kroger on 29 North). We were surprised at the limited "green" options (non-plastic, non-overseas) for chew toys and collars and pet homes. (Though they do carry a great bedding product for those of you who have pets that require that - CareFresh is made of 100% recycled newspaper. They carry biodegradable cat litter. They also had a dog house made with recycled plastic (unfortunately not available in a carrier).

As far as food for your frisky dog friends:
You can go totally local at Sammy Snacks. 2130 Barracks Road, North Wing of Barracks Road Shopping Ctr Phone: 434-984-5941 Open Monday - Saturday 10-6pm

Or go to Pet Food Discounters (9:30-7 M-F,9-6 Sat,12-5 Sun, phone: 974-6060)which sells Natura company dog food (innova, evo, california naturals) without fillers, grains or by-products.

Watching my kids romp and laugh and run wild with this furry pint-sized ball of love these past two days has been a gift.

Involving children in the role of pet care is an invaluable life lesson in responsibility, love, loyalty, and, of course, animal connection, which I believe can only serve to foster a better world.



IcePony Goddess said...

Mugsy is a little doll! I also have a beagle, her name is Molly.

Please join our beagle list, it's called Happy Tails. We have beagle owners from all over the world.

Here's a link to the list

Hope to see ya there!
Raven, Molly Macaroni, Lucy Bear (Aussie Kelpie)

Waldo said...

Actually, the name is Pet Food Discounters, and they're behind Kroger, not Food Lion.

BWB said...

Thanks, Waldo, I made the necessary changes. ;-)

And thanks icepony goddess for the link!