Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What does Betty do on Earth Day?

Some people, myself included, have at times eschewed holidays like Valentine's Day, (birthdays in your 30s and 40s), dismissing them as "hallmark holidays". My husband and I often jokingly pose for a kodak moment mid-hug and chime "Every day is Valentine's Day in our marriage, right honey?" The larger point being that we love each other every day, not more on a particular day because of red flowers or a token card.

Just like someone said to me the other day as he walked up to my booth. "Wait. Every day is Earth Day, right Betty?" True.

But let's talk about it.

My husband and I, our intention with ignoring a holiday has varied.

Sometimes we've been too busy and we are both just looking for an excuse not to have to buy each other something or do anything.

Other times we are collectively annoyed at what a big deal everyone makes of a holiday, so we decide to buck the whole thing, play rebel, and call the whole thing off (New Years 2006 perfect example - in bed by 10pm).

Once we had just returned from a wonderful no-kid couple vacation and felt Valentine's Day unnecessary.

So what about Earth Day? Is there a place for Earth Day if it's really supposed to celebrated be every day?

My answer is an emphatic "yes."

Earth Day is our chance to let the planet know we are paying attention. So we celebrate and connect and resolve to do better.

I think the important role "days" have is that it lends us an opportunity to heighten our awareness and raise the bar, even if for one day. With the hope that the love and giving will continue to inspire action.

So what does Betty do on Earth Day? Celebrates and connects and resolves to do better. There are a myriad number of ways to do that. Betty doesn't presume to know what that is for you.

It may be enjoying the stars out on your deck, it might be thanking someone who is working on environmental issues personally or monetarily, it might be bringing your own water bottle to the gym, it might be purchasing a rainwater barrel, it might be adding insulation to your home and compact fluorescent or LED lightbulbs.

In the cookbook of life, choose your own recipe and enjoy.

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