Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cooking for a Cooler Planet

Today's blog comes from Betty's new column appearing in the Cville Abode, which debuted last month. Read it here or at the online Abode.

This summer in the kitchen, you can lower both the sweat factor and your carbon footprint with these tips:

Think cool foods. Cool the palate as well as the planet with cold soups like homemade gazpacho (local tomatoes only), fruit soups, salads, or raw veggies.

Buy local and organic. Shop the farmer’s market Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, or the local selection at Rebecca’s or Integral Yoga.

Keep a lid on it. Don’t peek when stovetop or oven cooking. Opening the door can lower the internal temperature by as much as 25 degrees.

Don’t preheat. It’s unnecessary in most cases.

Use a pressure cooker or Crock-Pot. Both help you get more out of the electricity you use.

If the pan fits, use it. A 6” pan on an 8” burner can waste 40 percent of the heat produced.

Cook double portions. Microwaves save as much as 75 percent of energy on reheating (don’t use plastic, though!).

Go the extra green mile. Buy a solar cooker!

Betty’s Smoothie
1 cup local fruits, like Berry Patch blueberries
1/2 cup Twin Oaks tofu
1/2 cup Seven Stars Farm yogurt

Blend and toast to a better world, compliments of Betty!

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