Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gratitude and Greenness

Happy to be back in the land of the Blue Ridge and Better World Betty!

I return to the blogosphere with humility and awe at being able to visit our nation’s first National Park - Yellowstone and the amazing Grand Tetons Mountains of Wyoming!

I have never felt as humbled as when I've stood at the base of a 13,700 ft tall, brash, jagged mountain - geologists call it “young” at more than 2.5 billion years old-- surrounded by 100 foot tall trees in awe at the teeming wildlife that surround it, including us humans who come to witness and learn and be inspired.

The Bison who roam free there are a beautiful example of how people can come together to create a better world. The bison, at one time numbered in the double digits, now flourish, to my two sons' delight. The buffalo is their new favorite animal!

We also shared space with pelicans, osprey, eagles, a moose and a grizzly (though thankfully at a great distance).

I have so much gratitude for the many people, past and present who allowed us to experience nature at its most pristine - explorers, preservationists like John Muir and philanthropists (like John D. Rockefeller)and brilliant engineers - my beloved husband's business meeting allowed us to go West.

I was happy to learn of the park’s managing company, Xanterra's, environmental commitment to lessening the environmental impact of the millions of visitors they receive each year. Our "frontier cabin" had recycling, signs about water conservation, information on the environmental plan and progress, as well as modest-size and earth friendly soap shaped like a bear, which came in handy after a day of hiking and sightseeing! says that gratitude
restores courage
reconciles relationships
heals our Earth

Try it for a day - in each moment connecting with the forces, the people, the choices that made each one available to you. I think you’ll find connections to the earth, the sky, the air, the water, the food available to you. I believe it will inspire awareness, mindfulness, and change.


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