Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good news and bad news!

The Good News:
Crutchfield is the leader when it comes to helping out local residents recylce their electronics (For a full list you can always check Betty's search tool). But this August 2 and 3rd you can recycle your electronics for FREE at the Rio store.

The Bad News:
In my travels today, I visited the Cafe at Martha Jefferson Hospital and was surprised to see that ALL of the food is being served with disposables: plastic bowls and styrofoam containers and plastic flatware. The same practice is being used at the hospital.

Styrene appears on the National Toxicology List, though research continues on the potential harmful health effects. (I am waiting for more concrete findings on that one).

However, the fact remains that styrofoam produces harmful dioxins when manufactured. Moreover, styrofoam NEVER biodegrades. I know many styrofoam containers have a recycling symbol label and I have heard of isolated communities that recycle this foam (the process and ultimate net good from recycling this remains to be discovered), but not in the city and the county.

A note from Betty's Earth kitchen might be in order. I also encourage you to write a letter if time allows. The more advocate for less waste, less harm on the planet in our community, the better.

Today's Tip:
The next time you are given milk in a styrofoam cup for your kids or given take-out in a styrofoam container in one of our local restaurants, politely ask if the management has considered other less harmful alternatives. Cardboard can be recycled, as well as aluminum containers, though compostable containers are ideal. With my children, I ask nicely for glass cups.

Hope that helps!

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