Saturday, January 31, 2009

E-cycle Mania in Cville's Rio Hill Parking Lot!

Betty brings you coverage of an amazing event held today, January 31, from 9-3pm in the parking lot of Crutchfield. Papa Johns, UVA, the city, the county, CCDC, RSWA, Crutchfield, (who am I forgetting), Z95 and 1061 the Corner, Betty - everyone came out to help this event be a tremendous success. Bruce Edmonds of RSWA, Teri Kent of Better World Betty, along with UVA recycling crew and the Crutchfield crew are shown. Thanks to everyone's hard work today! Today, you brought it and we hauled it into boxes, onto pallets to be be shrink-wrapped and placed into the trailers!

It feels a little strange to call this a "success" when gazing out at the sea of electronics piled one upon the other 3 feet high and yards and yards long, an entire trailer-tractor truck filled, the other half-filled (with still three hours to go!), and computers, monitors, cartridges, keyboards, batteries, old phones, vcrs as far as the eye could see. Idling cars backed up all the way onto Rt. 29. Were they being sent off to the land of Forgotten Electronics? Were they going to a charity (one man asked me)? (I sent him to Betty's website where he will find the phone and location of Computers4kids to see if they would accept his comupter)

But success it was!

I don't know the numbers yet, but two tractor-trailers hauling over 400 tons each were not going to be adequate is what I overheard from the crew.

Recycling old electronics for reuse, repair, refurbishing and proper disposal is the absolute right thing to do, so thanks to everyone who came out! Pat yourself on the back because you ensured that hazardous waste and materials used in electronics (the list is long and varied: cadmium, lead, mercury, flame retardants, PCB, PVC, glues) will go to its proper burial place or find new life.

Crutchfield and their recycling provider will drive the e-tons (Can't wait to get the numbers on this one) to New Jersey to be refurbished, repaired, or dismantled for reuse, and the rest; well, this Betty doesn't want to think about that one. It was amazing to see all that waste in one place. "Incredible," said one. "Look at all these humans doing the right thing!" said another.

Humans consume, that's a fact. We like our electronics, that's a fact. For me it keeps me connected to you. But I believe we also feel good when we clean up a mess and do that right thing. That's what today was about.

For more information on e-cycling check:

Remember, if you don't know where to take something, try Betty's Recycling, Reducing, Reusing Search Tool. (I had a hard time loading old printer cartridges into bins almost as tall as I am knowing that most area schools (and Virginia Organizing Project) accept them and redeems them for MONEY which goes back to the schools.

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