Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Year

So I more than survived last year's no buying pledge* - I really found lots of lessons and joy in it. A few of the lessons, which may inspire you and yours:

*It's ok to fail - you still learn.
*The need for occasional retail therapy can be examined and quelled by a cup of tea with a friend or a sweet find at Glad Rags or Natalie Dressed.
*Having young children brings a natural expansion to your lives, which does include an occasional transformer or object of heart-felt desire: like a shiny, new guitar and that's O.K.
*Peace, freedom, contentment within life seem more accessible on a daily basis without the barrage of catalogs, advertisements, magazine covers (knowing that I wasn't going to buy something was very freeing)
*It's nearly impossible to visit a place and NOT want to bring back an object, a memento to celebrate and remind you of that place. (Attachment vs Non-attachment is a centuries old challenge of the human condition)
*Sometimes perfection is the enemy of good. (Which is why Betty is BETTER World Betty and NOT PERFECT World Pollyanna)
*There is tremendous value when you set an intention and a framework (a time period) and then try and see what happens.
*It's true that I really don't need that (insert desired, trendy, overpriced item here) after all!

Many of my friends and family have asked, "Now what? Are you going to go on a big spending spree?" The temptation is there of course, but the answer is "No." But I'm not going to continue the pledge. At least for now. I trust that my lessons and mindfulness will carry into the New Year. This year my focus will be Energy Efficiency in my home. Stay tuned for the upcoming chronicle of my strategies, costs, thought process as I navigate this next step.

Welcome to the New Year,

November: cool new calendar book at Quest bookshop
December: new art book for Dad

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