Thursday, April 16, 2009

Charlottesville's Reusable Bag Campaign Kicks Off Today

I am happy to announce Charlottesville's Reusable Bag Campaign officially kicked off today in front of City Hall with an announcement by the Mayor, words by yours truly, as well as Chris Engel of Shop Local and Kristel Ridderworld, City Environmental Compliance Manager, and Cynthia Shroeder owner of Springstreet.

Come to one of our booths during Saturday's Eco-Fair to grab your free bag made from recycled plastic!

Did you know?
- Americans consume 380 billion plastic bags per year
- We don't now exactly if these pesky, petroleum-based, annnoyances ever degrade
- Millions make their way into trees, streams, rivers and ocean as litter

I.E. Let's ditch the plastic bag habit!!

- Pledge to yourself and others to use your own bags from now on!
- Keep a basketful of your bags in the car, within eye sight
- Make it easy - hang them on the door you frequently exit from or use a bag as your purse
- Congratulate yourself because in a few short weeks, this will become habit!

These are businesses are participating by offering a rebate at the register:

All Good Groceries
Blue Ridge Eco Shop
Blue Ridge Mountain Sports
Harris Teeter
Integral Yoga
Natalie Dressed
Nature's Child
Twice is Nice
Whole Foods

So thank these businesses for joining this effort with a small incentive and encourage others to join!

For more info or to add a new participating business, email: or Betty and we will add them to the list!


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Jann said...

FYI - don't think this is true for Harris Teeter. :( I just asked them last week at the new crozet location, and they said no.