Monday, April 20, 2009

Gorgeous planet, gorgeous people

Check out Betty's FB photos from the event on Sat:

Thank you all for coming out to Saturday's Eco-Fair, Charlotteville's biggest turnout EVER for Earth Day!

Highlights and Gratitude:

Mark Jones telling me that Betty helped bring him 5 people to his last mushroom workshop!

Meeting a young green activist, Hannah, who is going to email me what she is up to, earth-wise, so I can put her on the "Green Scene" page.

Eric Betthauser, my beautifully helpful and enthusiastic volunteer, who stayed ALL DAY and helped me pack up too.

David Galgano telling me he uses the site all the time and will HAPPILY write a testimonial for me!

Howell buying me some cold cider.
Paige giving me some monster sun block.
Megan, my babysitter doing the dishes at home!
David Slutzky, for offering to sit down and discuss future BWB projects

Buzzing by Tim Reynolds and Trees on Fire to throw Betty t-shirts to the crowd. That was my first stage performance: 20 seconds with a microphone in front of hundreds. YIKES!!

I'm still floating from all that good Earth energy.

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