Monday, June 8, 2009

Green your tennis game

In light of Federer's exciting French Open win, I decided to take the opportunity to do a little research on how to green one of my favorite sports, tennis. I played tennis for my high school team in Utah and I'm just now getting back into it here in Virginia. As a result our used tennis balls are really piling up.

Betty's on are the tips she dug up:

1. Take your own water in a reusable bottle. Many courts offer water in paper or plastic, so this is an easy way to reduce waste.

2. Recycle your plastic tennis ball container, which is #1 plastic.

3. It IS POSSIBLE to recycle the tennis balls. How? Check out this cool new company out of Arkansas: Start a collection box at your favorite tennis facility, send them your email for free shipping and handling, and then at the end of the summer or whenever it fills up, send them your tennis balls to be "rebounced." Rebounces' goal is to make tennis balls 100% recyclable. Bill, Cannon and Grant ask for your help in making Rebounces' dream a reality! If you want to keep it local instead, contact one of the elementary or high schools or senior centers. Tennis balls make great skid-proof chair slippers (placed on the legs of the chairs) or walker slippers.

4. Send this article to your favorite tennis pro who is in charge of your favorite tennis facility for other tips for greening the game. Ezine article

5. Raise your right hand, bend your elbow, and give yourself a nice pat on the back for doing your part in protecting our natural resources and closing the loop.

Here's to better bounces on the court!

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CF said...

Thanks for the mention of Rebounces on your blog!! Let me know when you need a shipping label and I'll send it over pronto.