Monday, June 29, 2009

Rebecca Cooper stopped by my Betty booth yesterday at Whole Foods' Local Fare with a Betty-stumping question (that's a first!). So I am sending it out to the blogosphere in hopes of a helpful reply. Where to find the supplies and know-how to construct an indoor vertical garden? Check out the email below...

Hi, Betty!

You and I chatted at the Whole Foods Local Fare Fair about possibilities for building an indoor vertical garden, like this one by Smith and Hawken:

Here’s another source… (although no longer available),default,pd.html?SC=XNET8002

I’m looking for a cheaper, DIY solution that would work in a small apartment.
I’ve found that a search for “living wall” brings up some results (though none that are terribly helpful), but I’m wondering if anyone around Charlottesville knows how to make one of these (or even sells the parts that would be required). I think it would have broad appeal… especially in a more urban setting where space is at a premium. If you or your readers can point me in the right direction, I’d be grateful!

Thanks for your help!


Architecture and Instruction Librarian
Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library

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