Friday, June 26, 2009

SEEING green links from local govt websites!

Check out these cool new online tools that have me seeing green...

Albemarle County’s new Green Resource Map HERE (check the left hand side under: What's New - last link listed)

This cool map includes farmer's markets, recycling, green roofs, etc which I'm quite sure required the use of Betty's directory and search tool :-)!

Map features:
*Providing a resource for residents to find out where they can reuse, recycle and/or properly dispose of common household items (e.g. electronics, motor oil, inks/toner, compact fluorescent bulbs, etc.)
*Highlighting Park & Ride sites to make carpooling easier
*Featuring farmers market locations so that residents can choose to “eat local”
*Green demonstration projects for residents to tour/visit/see, such as LEED certified buildings, rain gardens, solar energy sites, green roofs, etc.

"The Green Resource Map is a very visual and engaging guide to a wide variety of local options that support the kind of sustainable lifestyle habits that many of our residents are very interested in," said Albemarle's Environmental Compliance Manager Sarah Temple.

The Green Resource Map is the newest of the County’s continuing efforts in promoting innovative environmental stewardship and climate protection. Other recent accomplishments include earning the prestigious ENERGY STAR rating for the County Office Building McIntire, reducing municipal energy conservation by 12% and achieving a savings of $113,000 in 2008 and installing solar energy panels on the County Office Building at 5th Street.

Next up... Charlottesville City's Water Use Calculator

June is Water Conservation Month which is a good reason to check out your water use and compare it to other residents in the area and then consider purchasing a rain barrel or implementing other steps to conserve.

Brian Buckley will be at the farmer's markets and is offering a five dollar discount if you mention Better World Betty! Between that and the city rebate program of 30 dollars - you are getting a rain barrel for a steal at $45! Don't forget to check out the Charlottesville's Green city page (to be honest, I still have a hard time finding from the Charlottesville' home page, so here's the link)

They have some really great water-saving tips for the home.

Thank you, local government, for providing these two important tools for change!

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