Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Because Mama said so...

I'm going to tell you something that you mothers out there already know... Mothers Rock! We are a powerful force to be reckoned with and if we tap into our tremendous powers of creativity and caring and desire for change, we can move mountains!

Are you wondering what I put in my shade-grown organic coffee this morning?

Nothing in the coffee, I promise. Just a bit of internet inspiration.

My friend sent me a great article about Amy Tiemann, the woman/neuroscientist/high school teacher/mom behind the fabulous MojoMom: her term for an action-oriented, educated, confident, mom who nurtures her own passions, not just the kids'. Her book and website (Mojomom.com) give women who are at home, busy navigating sibling rivalry or the dirty laundry, yet have a sincere desire to make a difference, a tool for taking action. She dubs them "naptime activists." You can sign up to attend Senate meetings on fair wages or sign a petition to give children adequate health insurance.

These women make it easier to stay engaged in the issues that affect mothers and families every day. Amy of Mojomom.com and the folks at MomsRising have given women a tool to stay engaged and make a difference. Mojomom hats off to you!

Personally speaking, I love anything that helps us stop talking so much and start acting! I love the mojomom concept because I feel I qualify! One among many of this new generation of empowered moms. Moms who have moved well beyond the mother martyrdom of past generations.

Another good site, though I feel a bit text heavy is realmama.org: a group of east-coast moms got together to promote a way to incorporate environmental stewardship into everyday mom activities. Sounds like Betty's kindred spirit.

Consider this from the site: "According to the 2003 U.S. Census, there are nearly thirty-six million families in America. Imagine if the mothers and caregivers
of those children practiced more environmentally friendly ways of living. Now imagine if the children modeled that behavior. With those actions, in just two decades America would have a new generation of environmental stewards, protecting our natural resources and the health of generations to come."

Bettys of the world out there, UNITE!

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