Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Looking for locavores

We are looking for a "locavore"* family to be placed under the Betty microscope for a period of four seasons: the remaining winter, spring, summer and fall, in a spirit of better understanding the challenges and joys of local eating.

This food journey would be chronicled monthly in the cvillebetty blog.

Who knows? You may inspire those of us who still feel the pull of Annie's frozen pizza pockets and Maharaja's take-out to buy more local. Or help those who already purchase shares in a CSA farm (community-supported agriculture) and occasional buy local meats to make a bigger leap. Whatever happens the journey will be worth the ride, I'm sure.

Warning: this may induce an increase in self-awareness in the community, help the environment, and impact hundreds of Charlottesvillians and Albemarle County residents! Sounds like a win-win to me.

*(one who eats as much local food as possible)

Today's Tip: In the spirit of reusing and eating local, why not make a homemade bird feeder out of that funky plastic netting that your (not-so-local) fruits sometimes come in? Just combine peanut butter, lard (optional), finely chopped cranberries or raisin and oats (that's my recipe) or check out others at this site



Lyle Solla-Yates said...

Cool, looks like a great idea. My girlfriend and I are eating green, but we aren't exclusively local. We're mostly local, but we go elsewhere if we feel like it. What kind of a commitment are we talking about?

BWB said...

Thanks for your inquiry, Lyle! I actually found a family who is interested, but I would love to hear how you and your girlfriend are eating green. Would you two be up for a spotlight in the Local Green Scene in March? Be well, BWB