Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This blog is dedicated to Betty Lou (a.k.a my mom).

We, the kids and my husband, have been enjoying the old school Looney Tune cartoons on these cold, winter days - a Christmas gift from their Nana and Papap. We were disappointed to discover, however, that the collection included only one or two of our absolute favorites: The Roadrunner. My older son's birthday is coming up so my mom ordered a "Best of the Roadrunner" CD from Ebay.

I really should back up and say my mom did a very nice job greening this Christmas by not purchasing a single piece of bow or ribbon or wrapping paper in which to wrap the presents (which were tame in number this season and relatively earth-conscious).

The "green" gift wrapping was a riot. She used old photographs, reused old wrapping paper, comic strips, even a used tissue box and Scrabble pieces. I can't wait until she is doing "Betty Lou" workshops down in North Carolina to the potential Betty blue hairs down there!

So when I got a small package from Singapore today I tilted my head in surprise. I thought maybe it was our former babysitter Anna who is teaching abroad.

I laughed out loud when I saw that the Roadrunner CD was from, where else, SINGAPORE!

Mom, you are so busted by Better World Betty!

Can you say 1.8 tons of CO2 in that little CD (I calculated a flight from Singapore to Charlottesville at carbonfootprintcalculator.com!)? Yikes. I guess we better makes plans to plant a tree in our backyard come spring or buy some RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) ASAP. And in the future, I think the kids will be watching the Roadrunner on You Tube!


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