Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good news!

Good news from Seth at Crazy Horse Studios!

After I sent him a note about what I found to be the blatant irony of the " tote", he sent me the following link to their values. The company assured him over the phone that they have stricter manufacturing conduct codes than the international fair trade organization.

But the better news is this: Seth believes there is a company out of Appomatox, Virginia that could begin supplying a more local environmentally friendly bag to Charlottesville that is comparable in price!

And this confirms my decision to go local. 1- Demonstrate a desire to use a local company (keep the green here in the 'ville when possible) and 2- express a desire to see better, greener products. End result: this will make a difference.

Before now, the only bags to be found to be printed on in Charlottesville were organic cotton and canvas (both new, resource intensive material)from far away places.

We'll see what this Virginia company has to offer for what will hopefully be future betty bags. Select stores, including Integral Yoga and Rebecca's will have a limited supply of them, so check them out!


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