Monday, May 12, 2008

Betty and fellow treehuggers had a ball!!

Right now I want to apologize to all of you for NOT personally inviting you to this event: the Third Annual Treehuggers Ball! (Please accept my formal invitation to attend next year)

Wild Virginia hosted this fun-raising event for the Living Ecology Center, an alternative community day school in Charlottesville whose curriculum focuses on ecology, living as a creative act, and community awareness. The Ball was held at the Rugby Road location of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church.

I had a blast! The talented Trees on Fire played music for all to dance, as massages, tarot readings, face painting, and human-powered smoothies were being enjoyed.

Back up, human-powered smoothies?

Yes. Someone in Charlottesville (no one would tell me who) owns a bike with a blender affixed to the back. Plop in your berries from the local market, some twin oaks tofu, and some juice and start bikin', baby! (Betty needs one of these, folks)

My first stop, though, was the chocolate bar where I enjoyed fruit dipped in a chocolate fountain and a yummy chocolate decadence cake. I'm pretty sure that's why I was able to do some serious Betty boogieing up until the very last song they played. I liked the band so much, I won their CD, a hat and t-shirt in the silent auction!

The crowd was a beautiful array of some of the most vocal environmental activists who have been around these parts way before my time, so it was an honor to play and dance with them.

So if you couldn't get out this year, see you there next!

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