Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Second Life for Smelly Socks

As you are going through your sock drawer (or if you're like me and you keep stray pairs hoping to find the match one day), wait no longer to give a second life to those socks. Here are some creative uses for those orphaned socks...

*Make a hand puppet. Add yarn or string for hair, button eyes, felt-fabric lips (or just use a marker). Scrap pieces of fabric make great earrings or funky glasses.

*Packing. Cut those socks up and use them as packing for your next gift to family members. Smelly or not it would be a nice courtesy to your recipient to to add some lavendar or rosemary.

*Speaking of ... What about making a drawer freshener potpourri bag? Dry some lavendar or rosemary and fill your sock and tie with a recycled bow.

*Cat toy. Get creative!

*Winter socks. Mismatched socks are perfect for throwing on when sending the kids out for some sledding or snowman-building.

*Swiffer sock. Avoid buying new swiffer pads and opt to use old socks and wash them after use.

*Dust rag. Slip over one hand and you've got yourself an easy-to-use dust rag. Reuse.

Hope you enjoyed these tips!

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