Friday, May 2, 2008

Checks and Betty balances...

I wanted to share with you a great idea from a faithful Betty reader, Adrienne.

"I just wanted to write because I just had to reorder checks because of an address change. While I normally try to conduct these transactions online, I've found that it's still necessary for me to carry a checkbook around. While researching where to order my checks from, I came across This company prints all of its checks on recycled paper with soy based inks. Best of all, the prices are pretty comparable to what your bank charges."

Thanks Adrienne! I took your advice when it was time to reorder my checks. So when I went to write my bills this morning (not all of them are work with online bill-pay yet), despite the dollar figure in the shaded box (ugh!), I was able to take heart in the fact that they are printed on recycled paper with soy ink AND are helping raise the awareness of four of America's most amazing parks!

Not to mention the beautiful memory it triggered this morning during my bill-writing session: my friend Lisa and I spent a summer weekend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming when we were both enjoying our summer break from teaching. After a glorious hike to one of the waterfalls there, we took a spontaneous plunge into the cool depths of Jenny Lake and swam out to an enormous rock island in the middle of Jenny Lake to bask in the sun. Ahhhhh. I still remember that exhilirating mountain water.

Back to the bills!

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