Sunday, May 4, 2008

Update on the no-buying pledge

Month five of the no-buying pledge and going strong!

As you may know from previous blogs, the no-new-non-essential purchases has been successful. I believe it's been one bionicle (see January's blog about re-gifting), one dishwasher (totally energy/water saver), and the fishing pole replacement (broke my husband's favorite one in the car door). No new shoes or household goodies or random toys for the kids. No retail therapy at Short Pump. Haven't stepped foot in Target.

Of course it's challenging, especially since we have a new puppy (mugsy, the better world beagle) who has a penchant for intimate apparel (ladies bras and underwear - go figure) and flip flops. The former most definitely required 100% organic cotton replacements.

Things were going well. Well that is, until I caved last week because of my husband's upcoming birthday.

Here comes the unsolicited green confession (you know there's actually a website now for this called

See, my husband and I share a deep respect for the American past time, baseball; perhaps not in its current 'roid-ridden state, but the love for the game does run in our blood. My grandfather reminesced about his pitching days up until his death 9 years ago and my husband's biological father had a stint in the minor leagues (for the record I believe with more family support my hubby could have been in the big leagues). During the unit I taught on heroes to my 7th graders, the favorite by far was the story of the courageous Jackie Robinson. Baseball is a great American sport.

Well about a month ago when my husband came across an old-school style baseball glove here in town, I thought I saw his jaw drop and mouth water as he put it on. His birthday is next week. It's a completely nostalgic, sentimental gift that I bought with minimal eco-guilt.

If you don't have a few transgressions here in the world of going green - the occasional strawberry from California, the extra car trip to the gym so you can make it to your favorite nia or yoga class, the fresh-cut flowers from some faraway land -then the green life is just not worth living.

Life is not black and white, you're with us or you're not, "no impact" living in my view. We are humans. We deal in shades of gray. And the shades of green sometimes, too!


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