Sunday, June 15, 2008

For the music lovers out there...

Our family LOVES music!

So when we recently had to replenish our supply of CDs for burning our favorite tunes (after all, you can't save the world without a little background music), I was determined NOT to purchase those non-recyclable plastic cd holders (that my four-year-old breaks within minutes anyway) and find an eco-friendly alternative.

Voila: I found Resleeve's 100% recycled cd sleeves, sold at the Blue Ridge Eco-Shop here in town. They are the perfect alternative to those easily breakable, but not easily biodegradable landfill hogs: old cd plastic cases.

Good riddance.

Now we need you all to please forward this to your favorite musician and record company!

La, La, La, La

p.s. My buddies Brad and Tad at 1061 the Corner happily inform me that many musicians are making the switch to eco-friendlier options for doling out their music to fans and, by the way, our favorite radio station's music samplers are plastic-free!

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