Saturday, June 14, 2008

Great site for moms this summer...

This summer you may find yourself sticking close to home with the kids twiddling your green thumbs. Especially with gas prices over four dollars, traveling could well be out of your budget. No worries. A staycation in your own backyard can be just as fun and adventurous!

I found a great site yesterday to facilitate a popular activity, a day trip to a nearby farm to pick your own fruit, called

Our plan was actually to visit the Berry Patch Friday afternoon. Since it is at least a 30-minute car ride for us, we wanted to consolidate by visiting friends on that side of town in the same trip. After visiting the site and calling ahead, we learned that the blueberry-picking was likely sold out by late afternoon. Whew, a wasted trip and sure-fire whining averted!

This site helps you properly plan for a farm trip, thus making the most out of your experience and your precious burned fossil fuels (unless you plan on biking the back roads with the kids in tow). The site is nothing fancy, just the facts and great tips. They suggest bringing a snack/picnic for the ride and the time there, old clothing, wide-brimmed hats, containers (just in case), sunscreen, and plenty of water. Besides directions and phone numbers, they also include helpful tips on storing the fruit.

The site will be useful in the fall for corn mazes and the winter for Christmas tree farms. Great find.


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