Thursday, June 5, 2008

Update on the no-new-purchase pledge!

2008 purchases:

1 bionicle
2 dishwasher
3 baseball glove for hubby

These three have been previously blogged about.

The next three are the only new purchases we chose to make to a one-week, badly-needed family vacation to the beach, which I was pretty pleased about (having two young boys and all).

4 casting net for catching (and of course releasing) cool creatures at the beach
5 frisbee - I debate whether this isn't truly essential to have with you everywhere you go and therefore shouldn't be on the list.
6 bucket for putting the krill and sand crabs and other cool sea creatures, looking and learning about them

Not bad, right?

But the purchase I made this week was a pretty egregious flouting of the "non-essential" pledge, at least at first glance.

I bought a bird bath! A cement bird bath from Garden Spot. Simple, yet beautiful.

The thing is I've heard the birds in my neighborhood singing, actually more like complaining, about the lack of good baths from here all the way through Crozet up to Waynesboro on their way from Richmond to DC for the weekend. What's a Betty to do? Their flapping wings say birds need bathing too!

The beagle thinks its a glorified drinking bowl for her and the kids adore the frog that is smiling on top.

That's what I call buying wisely, don'tcha think?

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