Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Important meeting about the air we all breath...

I ran into Tom Cormons of the local non-profit Appalachian Voices last week at the farmer's market and he gave me the rundown of the important events happening in Wise County, Virginia next week.

Many of you have been following Dominion Power Company's attempt to approve the Wise County coal plant and the subsequent mountaintop removal. The fate now rests with the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board. If you have not yet sent a message to Governor Kaine about the important appointments he is making to the Board, please go to the website now and do that. They need to hear from you. They have to know that this is NOT the direction we want to go for a better world: more pollution of our air, continued reliance on fossil fuels, removal of mountain tops in what is now undisturbed forest.

Right now 30 people are signed up to go and the list keeps growing! I hope Betty will have some representation there (I am fairly sure the Board Meeting ettiquette does not include four-year-olds making primal noises while playing in the back row, so unfortunately I personally cannot attend, but I am happy to send positive and clean energy to those who are and spread the word to those who may be able to attend).

The folks at Appalachian Voices and their coalition website are hosting a plethora of events beginning on Monday, June 23: A service project, site tour of Black Mountain, hike on roaring branch, spaghetti dinner, breakfast and of course the attendance at the Virginia Citizen Air Pollution Control Board Meeting with time for public comment.

It turns out there will be no new speakers - those who can speak are limited to those who have already spoken or submitted written comments. The Agenda language is below:
"Persons who commented during the public comment period may address
the Board for up to 3 minutes. No new information will be accepted at
the meeting."

I have been to enough public meetings to know that attendance is crucial. Tom told me that all plant-opposition leaders will be wearing a green bandana - important visual clue that will send a powerful message!

To get all the details so you can join them, check out: Call 293-6373 or email to get info on lodging, map, directions, ride-sharing, etc. I am hoping for a guest blogger to perhaps take pictures and report on this event (please email me if you are willing!)

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