Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Backyard Betty: outdoor fun in and around Charlottesville

When I had my first son I began to compile a list of all the fun indoor and outdoor activities to do in and around Charlottesville with PreK kids (as a stay-home mom, there was only so much playdough and trains I could take!). After 7 years here's the list. I think many of these apply to ALL ages. Feel free to add more!

*Ivy Creek
*Take the city bus to Barracks Road and window shop
*Picnic on the UVA Lawn
*Take the free trolley to the Downtown Mall and eat ice cream at Chaps
*Pen Park Nature Trail
*UVA Athletics at (call 924-UVA1), (though I wish they would lower their prices for kids)
*Monticello trail - this is a beautiful hike year round (I found this great website with further ideas)...
*Belmont Park water play
*Sugar Hollow hike
*Humpback Rock hike (Blue Ridge Parkway)
*O-hill hike (love the candy and dog treats that await you at the top!)
*Polo games in the late spring and summer out 5th street and at King Family Vineyards
*Drive-in at Fork Union (we've actually never found a movie we are willing to take our kids too, but some day...)
*Putt-Putt Miniature Golf on Rio Road
*Wine Festivals (we'll bring the jug of lemonade for the kids)
*Carter Mountain (fruit picking and fall festival)
*The Berry Patch Of Free Union (963-0659).
*Chile's Orchard
*Fry Spring's Beach Club (pool and Volleyball for memebers)
*Washington Park pool
*ACAC Outdoor Water Park (for members)
*fly a kite at Darden Towe Park
*Farmer's Market at Meade Park and Downtown (check Betty directory)

(?for some reason I can't get my links to work tonight, except the last one - i promise that's not intentional)

Tune in tomorrow for rainy day, indoor activities.



Sean Tubbs said...

Great idea! I took my daughter downtown on the bus a couple of weeks ago. She loves riding the bus. Absolutely loves it. We went from our house in the Fry's Spring area to downtown, via the new McGuffey Park.

Of course, people look at you crazy when you take a kid on a bus. I remember once when I was looking after my daughter last year, I took her to a playgroup at the Central Library on the bus. May as well have had tentacles coming out my head.

ChrEliz said...

Glad to see the UVa Polo matches listed as an option. The polo grounds (at Forest Lodge Lane off Old Lynchburg Rd/5th Street Extended) also hosts things like "canine agility trials" (last weekend). My husband walked over there (we live right by there) with our preschooler and our toddler and the kids went nuts over the dog agility trials. Dogs doing tricks! What a blast they had. Usually we just go over and check out the horses in the stables or the fields. We've yet to make it to an actual polo match. Someday!