Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WANTED: Better-World Buyers!

But I need the help of you, the better world consumers.

Better World Betty is currently seeking sponsorship (through small site ads) from local businesses to help support this grassroots effort for environmental change.

Let me back up and say this is a huge part of how Betty was born. I was looking at my day-to-day purchasing decisions as a stay-home-mom, homeowner, cook asking myself: How can I use my dollars in a BETTER way? Instead of going to Target (being the bargain-hunter that I've always been, I used to salivate when walking into that place), can I be more mindful, more wise with my money? Can we pay a little more at a local toy store, but buy less? If I go out to eat in the 'ville, I want to go to a place that isn't transporting their food from miles and miles across the country and serving it on disposable products. Drycleaning - is there a better, less polluting way? (yes, we use Evergreen cleaners and home methods) The list goes on.

So I want to hear from you!

Are you passionate about aligning your values with your buying?
Do you go out of your way to support the local Charlottesville and Albemarle County businesses?
Do you seek out businesses that you know are doing their part to reduce, reuse and recycle in our community?
Do you shop businesses who consider the triple bottom line: profits, people and the planet?

What kinds of businesses are you looking to support with your dollars here in Charlottesville and the County? What do you want to see businesses provide or do? What kinds of businesses DON'T you support? Do you struggle with your current choices available (I know I do)?

I want to hear from you! Email betty@betterworldbetty.com or respond here, in blog format, or patiently wait for a Betty survey to come out (;-)



ChrEliz said...

Here are the businesses I love to support, some for "green" reasons, some just because they're great local businesses or they offer what I like, or I respect their mission, or I like the staff, etc.

*Blue Ridge Eco Sop (already a Betty supporter!)
*Haven't been to Nature Neutral yet but I hear great things about them
*Nature's Child
*All smoke-free restaurants and bars; Court Square Tavern, ZoCaLo, The X Lounge, etc.
*Cville Market, Integral Yoga, Rebecca's Natural Foods
*Circa (buy your furniture recycled!)
*Birch Studio Graphics - publishers of the Healthy Living Directory
*The Habitat Store
*Blue Ridge Cohousing
*ACCT (Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation)
*Cville Waldorf School (trying to build the greenest school in america)
*University Montessori School *Montessori School of Charlottesville
*Montessori Community School
Montessori schools teach peacemaking and have a strong environmental consciousness - no disposables at lunch, recycle, etc.)
*Tandem Friends School
*Dr. David Dalley, DDS
*Dr. David Brown (chiropractor)
*Crutchfield Corporation (great electronics recycling program)
*L'Etoile (uses local foods)
*HotCakes (uses local foods)
*Mas (uses local foods)
*Revolutionary Soup (uses local foods)
*Feast (uses local foods)
*Any of the local CSAs

This is just off the top of my head. I'm looking forward to learning more about great local businesses and service providers, and why folks name them as good businesses to patronize.

Great topic!

ChrEliz said...

oops - that's Blue Ridge Eco SHOP, not Sop. Hee!