Monday, March 17, 2008

D.I.Y. Easter egg dying "naturally"

The last of the green travel series will be ending this week with green travel tips and offsetting options, but tonight I wanted to give you some fun natural (plant based) Easter Egg dye for those of you who will be celebrating Easter with a basketful of decorated eggs.

*Find clover, small violets, grass clipping or small ferms and place them on the eggs using rubber cement or gesso or mod podge. Beautiful and natural.

*Try the following for "natural" colors (thanks Betty reader, cgresser!):

cranberry juice - red
pickled beet juice - light pink
dark tea or berry tea - light brown to rose
coffee - brown

*or cook theses plants, then collect the juice using a strainer:

yellow onion skin - yellow to orange tan
carrot tops - yellow
parsley or spinach leaves - green
purple cabbage leaves - purple

(sorry no fruits on this list - there not in season)

*don't forget to add some vinegar to the color solution.

Enjoy! (Send pictures)

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