Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Breaking Bread for a Better World

Thursday's event hosted by Better World Betty and Do Something Charlottesville was a huge success!

About fifty community members stopped by the Galleria Thursday to talk about change of the Better World Betty kind.

We all enjoyed local food and wine, we brainstormed ideas for new action, we raised some money for our efforts and above all we enjoyed the sense of community: joining together in our collective efforts to live a better, more sustainable life here.

Five beautiful specialty loaves from the best local bakeries and two gift cerficates and a complimentary wine tour, tasting and lunch for four were silently auctioned off.

Gerry Newman of Albemarle Baking Company outdid himself with a rustic country boule with a giant "B" shaped on the top. Thanks so much to him for the gracious donation.

I give a huge thanks to Kate Collier, owner of Feast!, an avid Betty supporter who provided a wonderful variety of local cheese for the event. (Pictures may follow - cross your technical fingers).

Jefferson Vineyards provided some excellent local wine at a discount for us as well. Thank you!

Six attendees were the lucky winners of loaves donated from the following bakeries:

Albemarle Baking Company
From Scratch Bakery
Bakers Palette
Whole Foods

Also, I want to thank 1061 the Corner for having me back in the studio to promote the site and the event. I won't quit my day job and replace Brad and Tad just yet!

One of my memorable chats was with Kai, who founded Our Space a shared community space on the downtown mall, below the Tea Bazaar. Their mission is to provide a "family friendly environment where everyone is empowered to take initiative and create their own projects" building a community that natures personal growth and happiness. When I asked him what inspired this he said that he saw a similar model in DC and thought "Why not Charlottesville?"

He took life in the palm of both hands and made it happen. I LOVE that!

I also had the pleasure to meet a UVA Grad student, Mark Parlette, who is working on a community food project to bring low-income families shares of local CSA's. He's also decided to join the Betty team by doing some campus publicity, booth work and blogging!

I also met Jon Golden, a professional photographer/ professional nomad, who is instrumental in the Charlottesville's Festival of the Photograph. I love talking to people about their passions. John and I talked about the role of art in creating social change (insider info: Betty is looking to host a juried art show this fall and currently we are considering the focus medium).

And of course it's always a pleasure when the Mayor stops in for a visit!

I thank everyone for coming out!


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