Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Local indoor activities with the kids

The weather today belies this post, but here are some fun indoor activities to do with kids at home and around.


Grab a bunch of picture books, chapter books, old-school encyclopedias, old Ranger Rick magazines, climb into bed and READ together!

Bake cookies. Our tradition is to bake cookies the first snow fall (which in the 'ville usually means a snow day).

Make forts! This was a favorite of mine as a child. Now after they construct and find books, I dig out the flashlight and we read together

Playdough. Dig into sensation with this therapeutic and creative art. (As you know from a previous blog, my attempts to make homemade playdough have failed - I invite a fail-safe recipe)

Paint! Paint! Paint!

Tell Us a Tale - on the radio on Sundays (which station? good question - I'll get back to you)

Invite a friend over and PLAY.

Play Hide and Seek

If all else fails, pop popcorn and watch the most AMAZING nature video I've ever seen: Planet Earth(just saw it on for 59$ - that's a steal!)

Any used bookstore (check under "B" in the Betty directory)
The library check the storytimes at
Barnes and Noble storytime()
An indoor pool - Crowe, UVA's aquatic fitness center (members), ACAC (members)
Albemarle Therapy, 1102 Rosehill Dr. (they used to do playtime for the under 3 set on T, Th 9:30-11)
Cville Coffee (or as my son calls it: the turtle place)
Playground at the Mall (must have patience, lots of patience for this one, and hand sanitizer)
The Discovery Museum (check the Toddler Times for some great activities)
The Village Playhouse (at Hollymead Town Center)
Charlottesville Ice Park (kids as young as 3 can push a bucket around the ice)
Rockclimbing wall (I believe it's on Allied Street - haven't done this one yet)
Summer movie series (use caution) behind Kmart and the Paramount
Watch UVA Wrestling matches (over for now) or Hockey games at Cville Ice Park

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, so please COMMENT and the list and ideas will grow (BTW: I'm working on getting an easier web platform/forum for sharing ideas and such, but it will take some patience)


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Amanda said...

The Village Playhouse (at Hollymead Town this still around? I live behind Target and would love to find some cool things to do w/ kids right now...